my son, you know and will help in this world

you must do something

you run to that mountain and comeback

that will make you strong

my son, you know no one is your friend

not even your sister, your brother or your father

your legs are your friend

your hands are your friend

your hair is your friend

you must do something with them

someday you will be with people who are starving

you call have get something for them

if you go to me where

you must beat the enemy who are attacking you

before they get over the hill

before they beat you

you must get in front of them

and bring them back dead

then all the people will be proud of you

then you will be the only man

then all the people will talk about you

this is way why i talk to you in this way

(geronimo on his own story – the autobiography of great patriot warrior)

Untuk Anak-anakku : Firstadian, Diandra dan Amartyadian